Welcome to the Any Sights Any Rifle Booking site!

Every year the Auckland Swiss Club organises the Annual Any Sights Any Rifle competition.

Booking for other people:
If you wish to create bookings for other people, for example, your family and friends, you will need to first create an account for yourself, then you will need to create Sub Accounts. For each other person who you wish to book for.
A Sub Account is just like a normal account in every respect except it is possible for you - the parent - to Switch To a sub account and perform bookings on behalf of that person.

Some basic rules of sub accounts:

  1. Your sub accounts have a username and password which you can choose to share with the person as you wish.
  2. Your sub accounts can have the same or a different email address to your account.
  3. You can have as many sub accounts as you wish.

Menus and Sections:
The main menu runs along the top of the screen. The primary sections are:

  • Events - This is where you will find all the events that can be booked.
  • My Account - Here you can edit your account details, view and create sub accounts including switching to sub accounts to work on their behalf.
The menu on the right hand side changes depending on which section you access. Only the "My Account" section has anything useful in the right hand side menu. You can view your details or Switch to another account.

Switching to other accounts
You can switch to any account that you have created. These are called "Sub Accounts". To switch to a sub account, you must first select the sub account from the list under, "My Account" to view details for that account. Then click the "Switch To Account" Link in the right hand side menu. To Switch back, just click the "Switch Back..." Link in the top menu.

Rules: The rules for bookings are simple.

  1. You can book up to two details per day at one target per detail.
  2. You can book your quota of two details on each and every day of the over all competition. So if there are 6 "events" listed then you can book up to two details for each of the 6 events resulting in your being able to book 12 details in total across all the days.
  3. The above restrictions apply to your sub accounts too. That means you can book 2 details for yourself on Day 1, and another 2 details for your friend or family under their sub-account on the same day.