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Terms and conditions:

  1. All shooters must park their car at the visitors car park shown below.
  2. Follow the path marked with the purple arrows below (see Range Instructions for map) to walk to the shooting hut and close all the gates behind you.
  3. All detail fees must be paid in full before position at the mound can be taken.
  4. All shooters must obey the Range Officer's instructions.
  5. Hearing protection must be worn and is the responsibility of the shooters to provide their own. Safety glasses are optional.
  6. Firearms must be handled carefully and carried with the bolt open or removed were possible. When the bolt cannot be removed, the use of a chamber safety device must be used.
  7. Firearms are only to be brought to the mound on the Range Officer's command and must not be loaded until the shooter has taken position on the mound.
  8. Firearms are only to be loaded on the range officer's command with the muzzle pointed safely down the range at the target.
  9. Only the group actually shooting and coaches may be at the firing point.
  10. If the range officer commands "STOP" all firing must cease immediately.
  11. The Range Officer must inspect each firearm to check that the magazine and chamber is empty before releasing the shooters from the firing point. Magazines and bolts must be removed where applicable. Where bolts cannot be removed a chamber safety device needs to be inserted.
  12. In the event of an accident, misfire or malfunction you must notify the Range Officer immediately.

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